Hamilton, Laurell K.

Missouri County:  St. Louis
Genre:  Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Missouri-related, Horror
Audience: Adult
Published Works:
Bloody Bones, Ace, 1996; Blue Moon, Ace, 1998; Burnt Offerings, Ace, 1998; Circus of the Damned, Ace, 1995; Guilty Pleasures, Ace, 1993;  The Killing Dance,Ace, 1997; The Laughing Corpse, Ace, 1994;  The Lunatic Cafe, Ace, 1996;  Narcissus in Chains, Berkley, 2001; Nightseer, Penguin/Roc, 1992;  Obsidian Butterfly, Ace, 2000; Ravenloft:  Death of a Darklord, TSR, 1995;  Star Trek, the Next Generation:  Nightshade, Pocket, 1992.
Science Fiction Book Club Collections:  Club Vampyre (an omnibus of Guilty Pleasures,The Laughing Corpse, and Circus of the Damned) , SFBC, 1998; The Midnight Cafe (and omnibus of  Lunatic Cafe, Killing Dance, and Bloody Bones), SFBC, 1998; Black Moon Inn (an omnibus of Burnt Offerings and Blue Moon), SFBC.
Short Stories:  "Magic Like Heat Across My Skin," Out of this World Anthology, Berkley Books;  "House of Wizards," Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine, 1989;  "Stealing Souls," Spells of Wonder, DAW, 1989;   "A Token for Celadine,"Memories and Visions, The Crossing Press, 1989;   "Winterkill," Sword and Sorceress #7, DAW, 1990;   "The Cursemaker," Dragon Magazine, 1991;   "Geese," Sword and Sorceress #8, DAW, 1991;   "A Clean Sweep," Superheroes, Ace, 1995. 
Have any works been translated into other languages? Yes
Speaking Engagements:Author accepts.
Fee for speaking:  Variable
Limitations on travel:  None
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