Hazelwood, Ann

Missouri County: St. Charles
Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography/Biography, Poetry, Travel, Other: How to books
Audience: Adult
Published Works:
Pretty Polka Dots, Design Orginals, 2003 365 Thoughts and Dreams for QuiltersSchroeder Publishing, 2005 100 Things You Need To Know If You Own a Quilt,Schroeder Publishing 2008 100 Tips From Award Winning Quilters, Schroeder Publishing 2008 100 Sweet Treats For Quilters, Schroeder Publishing, 2010
100 Things To Do Around St. Charles, Virginia Publishing 2005
100 Best Kept Secrets of Missouri, Virginia Publishing 2007
100 Eats And Eateries of Missouri, Reedy Press, 2009
Festive Finds of Missouri, Reedy Press, 2010
Have any works been translated into other languages? No
Speaking Engagements:Author accepts.
Fee for speaking: Yes
Contact Information: