Houts, Amy

Missouri County: Nodaway
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Missouri
Audience: Children/Adult
Published Works:
Picture books
Do Animals Talk? Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
What is it? Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
Clap, Clap: Clapping Games. Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
Yoga. Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
Think Like a Scientist. Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
She Digs Rocks (geologist Meenakshi Wadhwa). Pearson Learning Group, 2008.
Let's Exercise! Pearson Learning Group, 2007.
Symmetry Crafts. Pearson Learning, 2007.
The 100th Day of School. Pearson Learning, 2007.
Make and Use an Abax. Pearson Learning, 2007.
Pattern Fun. Pearson Learning, upcoming 2007.
Make an Animal Craft. Pearson Learning, 2007.
Dora the Explorer Preschool Adventure. Learning Horizons, 2006.
Sesame Street Countdown with the Count. Learning Horizons, 2006.
Dora the Explorer Addition. Learning Horizons, 2005.
Dora the Explorer Subtraction. Learning Horizons, 2005.
Dora the Explorer Safety. Learning Horizons, 2004.
Dora the Explorer Trace & Draw. Learning Horizons, 2004.
Winifred Witch and her Very Own Cat. Dalmatian Press, 2001.
On the Farm. Dalmatian Press, 2000.
The Princess and the Pea. Dalmatian Press, 1999.
An A*B*C Christmas. Standard Publishing, 1993.
Cookbooks for Children
Cooking Around the Country with Kids. Images Unlimited, upcoming in 2007.
Cooking Around the Calendar with Kids. Images Unlimited, 2001.
Learning Through Cooking Activities. Preschool Publications, 1993.
Approximately 250 Feature Stories/Reporting, Nodaway News Leader, 8/99 - 8/05.
"Not-So-Fast-Food Bible Style," Clubhouse, January 2008.
"Hometown Hero Tom Brand: Cruising for Charity," American Profile, June 11, 2006.
"Creating a First Aid Kit," American Profile, December 25, 2005.
"Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen," American Profile, November 20, 2005.
"Homemade Ice Cream," American Profile, July 31, 2005.
"Carving a Jack O’ Lantern: a fun, family tradition," American Profile, October 17, 2004.
"Easter Eggs," American Profile, April 4, 2004.
"Let’s Talk Turkey," American Profile, November 30, 2003.
"POW Network Helps Find Answers," VFW Magazine, September, 2003.
"Cut Food Costs," American Profile, October 5, 2003.
"What’s for Lunch?"American Profile, August 10, 2003.
"Gifts for the Graduate," American Profile, April 6, 2003.
"A Valentine Celebration," Ladybug, February, 2003.
"Encouraging Hope in Young Children," My Self, My Family, My Friends: 26 Experts Explore Young Children’s Self-Esteem, Preschool Publications, Inc., 2000.
"Science in the Kitchen," Ladybug, November, 2000,.
Monthly column, "Preschooler in the Kitchen," in Parent and preschooler Newsletter, Preschool Publications, Inc., 1986-1998.
Children’s Stories
"Where?" Babybug, November, 2000.
Children’s Plays:
"Get Ready! For Baby Jesus," Christmas Programs for Children, Standard Publishing, 2003.
"If I had Lived When Jesus Lived," Easter Program Book, Standard Publishing, 1996.
Children’s Poetry:
"The Legend of the Christmas spider," Christmas Programs for Children, Standard Publishing, 2007
"Little Spiders Trick or Treat," Ladybug, upcoming, October, 2006.
"Christmas Wonder," Christmas Programs for Children, Standard Publishing, 2003.
"Counting Rhyme, " Ladybug, August 2003,.
"Month by Month with Mop," Ladybug, January, 2002. Cooking verses for each month with correlating recipes on-line.
"Snowman Smiles," Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations, January/February, 2002, reprinted in The Big All-Year Book of Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations, 2002.
"Snakes Never Slurp Their Soups: a time for table Manners,"My Self, My Family, My Friends: 26 Experts Explore Young Children’s Self-Esteem, Preschool Publications, Inc., 2000.
"Oh Rats!" Lollipops, May/Summer, 1997.
"Christmas Night," Sunshine Magazine, December 1990.
"The Five Senses of Christmas," Alive! for Young Teens, December 1985.
Have any works been translated into other languages? No
Awards: Second Place Winner, Missouri Writer's Guild Best Juvenile Book Award, 2002; First Place Winner, Missouri Writer's Guild Major Work Award, 2002.
Contact Information:
26162 Ridge Drive
Maryville, Missouri 64468
Phone: (660) 562-3122
E-mail: sase@cebridge.net