Hunter, Julius K.

Missouri County: St. Louis City
Genre: Nonfiction, Textbooks, Journalism, Autobiography/Biography, Missouri
Audience: Children/Adult
Published Works:
Absurd Alphabedtime Stories, St. Louis: Bethany Press, 1976; Broadcast News: The Inside Out, St. Louis: C.V. Mosby, 1980; Kingsbury Place: The First 200 Years,St. Louis: C.V. Mosby, 1982; Westmoreland and Portland Places, University of Missouri Press, 1988;  Honey Island:  A Broadcaster's Search for His Mississippi Roots, Virginia Publishing Corp, 1999
Have any works been translated into other languages? No
Speaking Engagements:Author accepts.
Fee for speaking: Variable
Contact Information:
KMOV-TV, 1 S. Memorial Dr., St. Louis 63102-2429