ABC Books
2109 J. North Glenstone, 65803 (417) 831-3523
Owner(s): Victoria Earhart
Type of bookstore: New/Used books; general, religious
Inventory size: 100,000+

Baptist Book Store Extension
430 South Glenstone, 65802
Owner(s): Greene County Baptist Assocation/Southern Baptist Convention
Type of bookstore: Christian
Inventory size: 25,000+

Book Castle
930 North Glenstone, Suite 104, 65802
(417) 863-6696
Owner(s): David Arnett
Type of bookstore: New and used books; general, religious
Inventory size: 10,000+

Book Nook
1948 S. Stewart, 65804
Owner(s): Jeanne and Bob Walsh
Type of bookstore: Children's
Inventory size: 3,500

DeSales Catholic Bookstore
210-J W. Sunshine, 65807
Owner(s): Larry Sloan
Type of bookstore: Catholic
Inventory size: Approximately 3,000 titles

Half Price Books of the Ozarks 
1950 S. Glenstone Ave. Ste. "O"
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 889-9042
Owner: Kathy Ross
Type of Bookstore: New and used books
Inventory size: Over 93,000

Heritage Bookstore/Chesterfield Village
Kansas Expressway at James River, 65807
Owner(s): Kenneth Coddens
Type of bookstore: General
Inventory size:

Hooked on Books
2756 South Campbell, 655807
Owner(s): Lavonne Foster
Type of bookstore: Quality used paperbacks and hardbacks
Inventory size: 50,000+

Knights Coins and Stamps
323 South Ave., 65806
Owner(s): Tom Phillips
Type of bookstore: Books on collectibles and stamps, coins
Inventory size: 500

Mustard Seed
1316 South Glenstone, 65804
Owner(s): David and Linda Samuel
Type of bookstore: Religious
Inventory size: 1,500-2,000 titles

Radiant Book and Music Center
1351 Boonville, 65802
Owner(s): General Council of the Assemblies of God
Type of bookstore: Christian
Inventory size: 2,000 titles

Redeemed Music & Books 
4140 S. National, 65807
(417) 877-9294
Owner: Bill Link
Type of Bookstore: Christian resell store
Collection size: 120,000 volumes, 15,000 CDs, 5,000 movies

Renaissance Books and Gifts
1337 East Montclair, 65804
Owner(s): Elaine Hines
Type of bookstore: General
Inventory size: 3,000

Shirley's Old Book Shop
1950-V South Glenstone, 65804
Owner(s): Sherlu Walpole
Type of bookstore: Used, general
Inventory size:

Southwest Missouri State University Bookstore
901 South National, 65804
Owner(s): State of Missouri
Type of bookstore: University
Inventory size:

Northtown Mall, 1923 East Kearney, 65803
Owner(s): Borders Group
Type of bookstore: General
Inventory size: Several thousand

Battlefield Mall, 2825 S. Glenstone, 65804
Owner(s): Borders Group
Type of bookstore: General
Inventory size: