Digital Exhibits

The Missouri Center for the Book exhibit link is composed of rare books and special collection exhibits that come from the Special Collections, Archives and Rare Books Division (SCARaB) of the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries.  The exhibits were created around the central theme of important and rare books and items owned and held in the state of Missouri.  Among the virtual exhibits and collections presented there are those which contain only a leaf or a single book from the collection, such as A Flora of North America by William P.C. Barton (1823), the botanical encyclopedia De Historia Stirpium by Leonhart Fuchs (1542), or the Promotion Charter signed and issued by Russian Empress Catherine the Great (1790).  There are also several book or writing collections exhibited by the MU Libraries among which are Cuneiform Tablets: Records of Ancient Mesopotamia (2500 BCE – 350 BCE), and Elementary School Textbooks: an 1850’s Retrospective.


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One of the most important literary artifacts held by the MU Libraries is a manuscript of two of  
Charlotte Bronte’s juvenile novellas (1833).  This unique treasure in the miniscule hand of Bronte was lost for many years but came to the University of Missouri as part of the estate of the late Mrs. Stuart Symington.  The script size is very small allowing Bronte to include two novellas on seven pages about the size of a cocktail napkin.  Two other exhibits represent travelling exhibitions dealing with book and literary topics sponsored and hosted by the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries, Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend (2006) and Miniature Literature (2007) from the Miniature Book Society.  New exhibits will be added to those currently available, please check back.



Portrait of Charlotte Brontë