Allen, Reta (Spears-Stewart)

Missouri County: Greene
Genre: Nonfiction/Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Autobiography/Biography
Audience: Adult, Children, Young Adult
Published Works:
"Before I was a Kid" Pacific Press Publishing Association: 1991,1993
"Toby's Big Truck Adventure" Public Press Publishing Association; 1993
"Route 66 Rail Haven: An Offspring of the 'Mother Road';" Barnabas Publishing Services; 1998
"Remembering the Ozark Jubilee Starring Red Foley;" Pubishing by Stewar, Dillbeck and White Productions;  Won American Eagle Award by Country Music  Association of America for Best Country Book of the Year, 1995
"Twelve Friends of Jesus;" Children's picture book; Barnabas Publishing; 1999
"She Made Up Her Mind-To Do What God Said, No Matter What;" Children's picture book; Barnabas Publishing;1999
"Could An Angel Eat a Pizza?" Children's picture book; Barnabas Publishing; 1991 1999
"Jesus, You Did it Again!"  Children's picture book; Barnabas Publishing; 1991 1999
"A Dog Named Shirlahassee Frooginaut;" Children's picture book; Publish America; 2010
Do you accept speaking engagements? Yes
Do you charge a fee?  Depends on circumstances
Have any works been translated into other languages? No